A New Home

Happy MLK Day!

This is the new location for the Four Cuffs blog! I had a feeling I’d outgrow the old site, I just didn’t think it would only take two weeks. Sorry for any inconvenience! The old address at blogger was atrocious, and this site is a lot better on the eyes. So this will be the new home for everything Four Cuffs!

I’ve also uploaded Cuff I: Chapter 2, which occurs right after Chapter 1 and follows the perspective of Empress Vera. I love her character and am excited to show her off more! She’s so important to the story. Let me know what you think.

There’s also a new poll up, if you want to have a say in what chapter comes out next. Should we continue following Empress Vera, or introduce a new character named Vin Cullur?

As always, you can follow Four Cuffs on Twitter at @fourcuffs. You can also reach me directly via email (fourcuffs@gmail.com). If you’re interested in getting news and chapters right to your inbox, go to the Sign Up page. Thanks!

Saria salut,

Eric Dax

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