Two New Chapters!

Happy National Fettuccine Alfredo day! (No, really.)

I’ll be posting about this blog on some various social media accounts, so if you’re here from Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or elsewhere, thanks! Head over to the Chapters section to start your journey, or, if you’re confused and not sold on whether this is worth your time, check out my introductory blog post. And if you like what you’re reading, feel free to sign up!

I uploaded a poll a few weeks ago (also located in the Chapters section) to determine which chapter I should put up next. Cuff II (Vin Cullur) won, so in response I’ve uploaded not one, but two new chapters: Cuff II: Chapter 1 and Cuff II: Chapter 2. I really enjoy this story line and I hope you do too. It’s definitely a change in pace from Cuff I, which has a lot of power-hungry political manipulation. Cuff II is just about a dude who eats a rat.

It also helps to flesh out the world a bit more. So far, we’ve only seen what life is like among Kailin Empire’s most elite. So how is life different for Kailin Empire’s peasants?  What are their aspirations, if any? I think this second perspective adds a lot to the world of Four Cuffs. It is, after all, about more than just the Empress Vera.

I’m also putting up another poll, so, after you read the new chapters, you can vote on whether you’d like to read another chapter about the Empress Vera, or another chapter about Vin Cullur. Both options take place during the Riverlight Festival!

Thanks again! As always, this project can be followed on Twitter at @fourcuffs. You can also follow me personally at @ericsdax. And if you like what you read, signing up is always an option too!

Saria salut,

Eric Dax

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