Midsummer Update

Happy 4th of July (and happy belated Canada Day)!

I’ve just uploaded Cuff II: Chapter 3, which introduces some serious conflict for Vin and his two friends, Theo and Javisin. This is basically the chapter that determines the course of the rest of their story, so it’s a pretty important one to check out. While Cuff I has been mostly action-packed from the start (with all of Vera’s antics), Cuff II takes its time in developing the characters before throwing them into unexpected situations, such as the ones that take place in this latest chapter.

It’s been a minute since I’ve posted, but I’ve been keeping up with writing the book (mostly focusing on Cuff IV recently). There will be plenty to come. I’ve actually been living in Baton Rouge for the summer, and really enjoying it! It’s pretty wildly different from New Orleans, but I really dig my job and apartment here. I also flew up to Delaware for my fourth Firefly Music Festival, which was probably the most eventful and chaotic weekend of my entire life. It’s funny how some weekends fly by lazily and effortlessly, while others feel like a musical drug-fueled journey that lasts an eternity. I still can’t feel two of my toes!

Anyway, I’ll be back in New Orleans before long, where I’ll continue writing Four Cuffs and posting on here. I’m going to take down the poll for now, because, now that Cuff I and Cuff II have both reached Chapter 3, my plan is to release a little bit of Cuff III next (which you haven’t seen anything from yet). The poll will return sometime in the future, though!

As always, thanks for all of the support! Y’all are the best.

Saria salut,

Eric Dax


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