Two New Chapters!

Happy National Fettuccine Alfredo day! (No, really.)

I’ll be posting about this blog on some various social media accounts, so if you’re here from Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or elsewhere, thanks! Head over to the Chapters section to start your journey, or, if you’re confused and not sold on whether this is worth your time, check out my introductory blog post. And if you like what you’re reading, feel free to sign up!

I uploaded a poll a few weeks ago (also located in the Chapters section) to determine which chapter I should put up next. Cuff II (Vin Cullur) won, so in response I’ve uploaded not one, but two new chapters: Cuff II: Chapter 1 and Cuff II: Chapter 2. I really enjoy this story line and I hope you do too. It’s definitely a change in pace from Cuff I, which has a lot of power-hungry political manipulation. Cuff II is just about a dude who eats a rat.

It also helps to flesh out the world a bit more. So far, we’ve only seen what life is like among Kailin Empire’s most elite. So how is life different for Kailin Empire’s peasants?  What are their aspirations, if any? I think this second perspective adds a lot to the world of Four Cuffs. It is, after all, about more than just the Empress Vera.

I’m also putting up another poll, so, after you read the new chapters, you can vote on whether you’d like to read another chapter about the Empress Vera, or another chapter about Vin Cullur. Both options take place during the Riverlight Festival!

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Saria salut,

Eric Dax

Intro: Embarking on Adventure

Thanks for joining me on this adventure!

My name is Eric Dax and I’m a New Orleans-based author. I’m currently writing a multi-perspective fantasy novel called Four Cuffs. With this blog, I’d like to be able to introduce you to my world of Four Cuffs, give an inside look into the book many months before I publish it, and connect with you!

If you do nothing else here, go ahead and read “Cuff I: Chapter 1” in the Chapters page of this site. It’s the first chapter of the novel and a great introduction to the main conflict of the story.

What’s a “Cuff”? Why Are There Four of Them?

Four Cuffs tells four simultaneous stories, from four different characters’ perspectives. Each perspective is determined by who wears a special white bracelet (“cuff”), of which there are exactly– you guessed it– four. If a character gives their cuff to someone else, or has it taken from them, then the perspective shifts to the new wearer. This allows for some fluid storytelling and gives you, the reader, a sort of physical form within the novel. You follow the cuffs, wherever they may go.

It also lets me split the book up a bit. For instance, I’ll publish almost all of Cuff I here before the book is even released!

I’ll also publish quite a bit of Cuff II (which might be my personal favorite…?) gradually. I don’t know what I’ll share of Cuff III yet, but I can promise that you won’t see a smidgen of Cuff IV before release date. I’m keeping that one secret.


Why Should I Read This Book?

It’s probably worth mentioning that this novel isn’t your typical fantasy book. It doesn’t rely on magic, witches, hobbits, etc. I like those fantasy tropes as much as the next person, but I’m convinced that there’s enough magic in our world already, and a good fantasy book doesn’t need to add more. You won’t find dwarves in mountains, wizards with wands, or dragons hoarding gold. You will most definitely find adventure, terror, humor, mystery, and characters who eat rodents. If one of these five essential traits is lacking, please send me a strongly worded email about how you want more adventure, or mystery, or characters who eat rodents, or whatever.

This is a Long Blog Post.

Thanks for reading all of this! I’ll try to keep my blog posts concise in the future so you can spend more time and energy reading the chapters instead, which is really the point of all of this anyway. Sorry for the lengthiness of this first one– I just wanted to give some context to the blog and introduce you to Four Cuffs for what is possibly your first time hearing about it.

How Do I Keep Up With “Four Cuffs”?

Go to the Sign Up page! That’s the best way.

The purpose of this blog is to keep you up to date while I continue writing Four Cuffs. If you have any questions or ideas, feel free to reach me at I want to have a dialogue with you! Also, I’ve created a Twitter (@fourcuffs) that you can follow. This blog will be the central hub for any and all updates though.

Please feel free to share with anyone you know who might be into this kind of thing. I’m really passionate about this fantastical world and I would love for everyone to join me!

Saria salut,

Eric Dax